Selection of universities

2. October 2021

Almost 40 universities applied to become pilot partners in the design of the road2openness self-assessment tool. The ten-member jury, consisting of the road2openness team and representatives of the Stifterverband, selected three universities as pilot partners after intensive discussions. In the opinion of the jury, the selection reflects the diversity of the applications and yet sets valuable nuances for the development of the tool.

A university of applied sciences is included in the selection, as this type of university differs considerably from comprehensive universities, for example in terms of resources and staffing, but also in terms of publication and research activities. This presents universities of applied sciences with particular challenges when it comes to implementing open science.

Furthermore, a university was selected with a broad range of subjects and existing open science activities at a broad level that also include citizen science, for example, and a very research-intensive university with a clear profile in application and technology. The latter makes it possible to include the aspect of transfer into societal benefit in the self-assessment.

And the winners are. The

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